I have long assume rules:when you rule out the impossible , whatever remains, and will be true, what would be a far-fetched as it seems.

You can draw conclusions about other people, paying attention to detail. Looks like fabric: clothes already rather worn or new? Does the person decorstion, if Yes, how many? On the ring finger wedding-ring? 

Note the condition of the skin of hands. What it is: smooth or rough? Well-groomed hands are usually managers, doctors, bankers...

But it also happens that the office worker rough, calloused hands. Then we can assume that he has a hobby where he has to work by hands.

Or he is an athlete, such as lifting weights, engaged in rock-climbing, Golf and fishing. To understand more precisely you can, drawing attention to his body. 

So, your friend still did not utter a word, and you mentioned something about it know.

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