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Do you really know a few tips for skin care?

xiexiexiexie | 09 Сентябрь, 2021 07:32

The 2 longest things in this life: breathing and skin care

Women's pursuit of skin care, just like human pursuit of light, never ceases. How to make your skin better? suk i has compiled 10 skin care tips for everyone, everyone should take a look!

1. Carefully clean the skin to make the skin delicate

Cleaning the skin is a very important step to prevent wrinkles. Because of the harsh external environment, a lot of exhaust gas and dust are easy to adhere to the skin, and the radiation from the computer screen is even more harmful to the skin. These dirty things will make the skin lose its original elasticity, make the skin happy aging, and even wrinkles appear. Therefore, be sure to clean your skin carefully.

2. Use more vitamin-rich skin care products or skin care products

From the whitening of vitamin C to the antioxidant and anti-aging of vitamin E, as well as the most popular vitamin A derivatives, these can make the skin younger and fairer. Therefore, regular application of nutrient creams rich in different vitamin ingredients to provide rich nutrition to the skin is the key to whitening the skin.

3. Massage after exfoliation can reduce wrinkles and lines

If the keratin is thickened, it will inevitably affect the skin, making the skin look dull, not delicate, and even wrinkles appear. Therefore, exfoliation is also a key step in skin care. In the skin care process, it is necessary to add skin beauty massage and hot compresses to dilute the lines of skin wrinkles and ensure better penetration of skin care products, thereby improving the overall skin condition.

Fourth, focus on eye care

Watching for a long time, playing on the Internet, watching TV shows or staying up late, etc., after having fun, consider your eyes, because the most guilty thing can be regarded as the eyes. Under normal circumstances, excessive fatigue of the eyes can cause wrinkles around the corners of the eyes, dark circles, bags under the eyes, and even swollen eyes. Therefore, eye care should be strengthened. It is a good practice to apply eye cream and massage the eye area to relieve eye fatigue.

5. prevent wrinkles on forehead, corners of eyes and corners of lips, do more preventive maintenance

Years are merciless, it will always leave years of wrinkles on people's foreheads, corners of eyes, corners of lips, etc., making people know their age at a glance. And generally speaking, once these wrinkles occur, it is difficult to remove them even with extra effort. Therefore, before the occurrence of wrinkles, attention should be paid to maintenance of these parts. Frequent use of anti-wrinkle products and skin care products is necessary, especially targeted. Choose eye cream and eye makeup remover to prevent wrinkles.

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