Ceramic fiber board product quality of a material is solid, good toughness and strength, has excellent ability to resist wind erosion. Heating is not inflation, qualitative light, construction is convenient, can be arbitrary bending shear, is ideal energy-saving materials of kiln, pipe and other insulation equipment.

1. High crushing strength, long service life.

2. Low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity.

3. Non- brittle material, good toughness.

4. Size precision, good flatness.

5. Easily cut installation, construction is convenient.

6. Excellent resistance to wind erosion performance.

7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.

Application scope

1. The back lining of cement building materials industry kiln keep warm.

2. Petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, glass industry kiln back lining keep warm.

3. Heat treatment furnace back lining keep warm.

4. The non-ferrous metal industry back lining keep warm.