Fire clay brick accounts for an important position in the refractory industry. The most important feature of fire clay brick is that the raw materials can be obtainded locally.

Fire clay brick is cheap and durable. It can be used for fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and moisture absorption. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial production. The scrap bricks can be reused as aggregate.

When purchasing fire clay bricks, some professional knowledge is needed and some principles should be followed.

1) Take your need into account, such as specifications and materials.

2) Select appropriate manufacturers. Shop around and capare the price before you buy. Also pay attention to the credibility of manufacturers, after sales service, product quality and service attitude.

3) After selecting a manufaturer, give a visit to the factory to understand the strength of manufacturers, scale, production qualification, production capacity and evaluation on the product from other customers.

4) Pay attention to the proper use of fire clay brick in the production and the implementation of safety measures so as to make full use of fire clay brick, reduce unnecessary losses, extend the service life ansd reduce the cost.