Is it good for babies to change milk powder?

The basic principle is to reduce one teaspoon of the original formula milk powder to one teaspoon of the new formula milk powder. If the baby has no adverse reactions, you can change the second teaspoon. Usually, "diarrhea" is the most uncomfortable symptom caused by changing milk, but it is mostly caused by improper formulating of milk powder. hmo奶粉Experts of Shengyuan told parents that they should read the canned label when changing milk; the second is "allergies", such as skin. For symptoms such as itching and rash, Shengyuan experts told parents that if the newly replaced milk powder is too different from the original formula, this phenomenon will occur. Let us also understand the types of infant formulas on the market. Shengyuan experts told parents that most infant formulas on the market can be divided into four categories:

1. Milk powder for premature infants: Shengyuan experts told parents that premature babies were born under term, and Shengyuan experts told parents that the development of the digestive system was worse. At this time, breast milk is still the most suitable or use a preterm infant formula specially designed for preterm infants. premature infants can only be replaced with infant formula when their weight has grown to normal (greater than 2500 grams). Shengyuan experts told their parents to reduce the original milk powder by one spoonful each time and change to add one spoonful of infant formula. Shengyuan experts told parents until the replacement was completed. success.

2. Infant formula milk powder: 轉奶粉Shengyuan experts tell parents that newborn babies should start feeding with a spoonful of 30㏄ when they drink general infant formula milk. Most of the ingredients in commercial infant formula can meet the needs of the baby, but there are still some different proportions of ingredients. When infant formula milk powder is found to be inconsistent with the baby's physique, the original formula milk powder should be stopped immediately, and other brand formula milk powder should be used.

3. Allergy-free formula milk powder: also known as soy formula milk powder. Lactose-free, designed for babies who are born with a lack of lactase and chronic diarrhea causes the loss of lactase on the surface of the intestinal mucosa. When the baby has diarrhea, the original formula milk powder can be stopped and replaced directly with this formula. After the diarrhea improves, Shengyuan experts told parents that if they want to change back to the original infant formula milk powder, they still need to gradually add milk powder to change the milk.

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