Like post it tore off the youth

Вторник, 11th Февраль 2014

Before the special love for every kind of sticky, tree wood grain shape, there is a coded calendar shape, also have those lovely cartoon head shape, has also rise to collect these every kind of sticky, but the kind of interest does not seem to last a long time, three minutes is me ok, but still maintained by post details recorded live this little habits, but the use of paste has been replaced by one of the most common, Fangfangzhengzheng, without modification.Headphone Amp Is Incredible In Electronic Devices
Once this has been done a lot of stupid, stupid, sometimes, it quietly recalled some blush, like a long long ago has a crush on a now have already forget the name of the girl, with the post over and over again to write the girl's name, and then paste them on the title page and last book, it seems like every time the book to see the class will ease, and later, the girl was admitted to a different school, have not seen, the so-called love is fading.
One day, finishing once used all kinds of book, which was tucked had to pass the note, looked at the pale ink marks, once on the note of the words, now do not remember, sometimes watching also laugh, laugh at yourself once childish, who recorded the past spare time leisure be swept into the dust.China FDI
Ever see "curtain", the purple Ling in twenty several national language to say "I love you", listening to Fei Yunfan, see the caption in constantly flashing I love you, also once good excited, once had to learn many countries "I love you," he black yo, also...... But finally was forgotten his pale blue in the winter, all do not have to remember.
Time seems to become more and more, it seems more and more tight, sometimes stay in the yard chair * * a weekend leisure, can sometimes be a busy night to twelve points, but also keep busy all the time. My black rim of the eye keeps telling me, my youth in the faded, but I refused to think of my youth just now, so can let oneself more busy, hope is not something you in life, also love was once called a free man, just once.
Like some of Xu Song's early works, and not because of his singing how how touched people's hearts, but in his words to see a plain is true feeling, just like what says he of words in the way, like listen to, didn't like off the same, regardless of the rumors on the Internet is true or not, we should all for his dedication to music and tough and moved.
Also quietly inside and outside the classroom "preference" for five or six years, and once I've been looking forward to the next, the next phase is what appearance, wanted to put some works to the inside and outside the classroom, once to the magazines, as mark mark said: get the opposite of what one wants, had been expecting for a long time for a long time, but later was forgotten, until tonight I remembered.indicating the material and service life of solar panels