Only with love, so.

Четверг, 26th Сентябрь 2013

Sometimes the sunny hurt inexplicable flashed through my mind, I do not know why? Just feel indescribable melancholy invasion, pent up to breathe. To omit the struggle, also tired!

Not me too sentimental, but this inexplicable sentimental makes me numb. I just used to silence, just like appreciating others deductive story, still not figured out how to play the role of youth.

This beautiful twilight years, I don't have to say no to the Yin to sun, hidden retreat. Did not go to work, also do not have fallen, I just play some. I just simply along my way forward, I didn't realize to understand others as others not in the mood to consider me! By my life, some have already been retreating figure, some will never be forgotten, some only slowly to remember, others also slowly fade, the lives of others, maybe I'm just passing through, and perhaps the world. I don't have to go.

I did not bother to hide my sadness, no exaggerated my melancholy! I only occasionally inadvertently reveals the sad, maybe some people will go to care about, someone indifferent, I do not care.

I am not a poet, not so many sentimental, I just used to quietly appreciate others, just along the elliptical path their efforts to move forward, still go its own style, no fight without disturbance!