Along the way I

Четверг, 15th Август 2013

The horizon is also hanging a few remnant star, a light blue mist shrouded the East will be rising warm orange red sun, four time is so quiet and beautiful.

I didn't go out in the morning to migrant workers, not at breakfast shop auntie, I'm just a walk in the way of people.

I walked for a long time, from a dawn to another dawn dusk, from one to another evening, I didn't know I experienced many times of sunrise and sunset, birth and death is like a person.

I often feel sad and desperate a beyond expression, as in a white space, I cannot escape.

I hung my head and cried, I also will be the laughing.

I feel sad, I will be too happy.

Newly hatched birds, the new long out of the green grass, rain a rainbow in the sky,

Dried bones, consumed by fire prairie, giddy heaven ·

Really, as long as I go along like this, I will experience what.

I don't want to escape, because everything I have, will to the.

So I will persist.