The first incarnation, she fell into his wine bug.
And he, as a long fairy she gentle smile.
She, in fact not like worms, her strong and hard.
He, in fact not so gentle, he is indifferent and aloof.
That year,hot-fix rhinestone and metal studs is the cause of the things.
That year, is also the origin of tragedy.
Entering the fairy I know, group of fairy feast on node up ---- origin
The story of the first, spend thousands of bone just as eight odd light easy damn kids there, learn just in order to be able to escape and entanglement only, but sometimes it didn't work, often simply means the beginning of the road complex process, difficult, when we recall the origin, will be found from the original far away. Like the bones in order to "arena of moral" and was in the party, group immortal to notice day chain stolen, and worship long fairy albino painting teacher. Originally, it is pure and simple, or don't, but in a moment, she but to the rest of the time, can get rid of those filthy things, for teacher is not the point. Unfortunately, the Jade Pool of a glance, his smile, her heart lake ripples, the fools do not know, in the years to come, everything is changing... . remember that year, she entered long, three water wash all the dirty, the obsession of more deep, water is more pain, but she, but can be in the pool water flagrantly a dream. That year, her pure heart, only to learn that the hidden feelings, she does not know, sometimes, ignorance is also a kind of happiness. Life will not Acacia, acacia, and love, and she, in that silly at first, through their own unremitting efforts finally became his first disciples, but unfortunately, the happiness didn't last long.
I do not know the heart mountain, water and wind off the air in front of flowers - pain
The years of easy, the prosperous one thousand years. Practice day poor but beautiful, thousands of bone memory, those days are only a section of the most happy time. That year, she had little to fix for, even if is often affected by the neon filled the provocation and light vulgar words, envy and hatred eyes, she still had a very happy. That year, has blood condenses sugar treasure her side, with her brother fell eleven, have the feeling with sisters of the light, but she took care of the mysterious oriental Yu Ching, beautiful can not square thing was she killed the wrong gender, more and white painting two person happy memories, he is different, for she was at least, she was his favorite is the only disciple. She drew the outline of his face, when he inadvertently a look back, side effects, deeply imprinted in my mind, into the pen, one by one, depicting a silly. This throbbing is not known, but also fear him, she is afraid he is angry, she was afraid of him, but she wanted, but just stay at his side, even if the feelings hidden forever, how? But, when the portrait was beyond all over the sky, her deep love become coerce others to handle, the first time, she moved to kill to read, even after the white painting wrath to her reason, she can only die bite trismus, that love how to say? Those who want to read all the enemy but he was not happy, that love is just a personal weakness.
This last year should not be, an inch away from the intestine of millions of nodes, respectively