I do not know when to end the margin and lonely, accustomed to lonely, also fell in love with loneliness. In fact, the noise of the world, to the lonely alone is a rare pleasure. So lonely night, a person silently watching affectionate afar, write their own love words, playing his love song, copying his graffiti like painting, although the paper where the word vulgar, stupid string rust, tracing tiger cat, but also the fingers warm, comfortable.
Every time I approached this familiar pond, gazing after the scattered lotus, in the cold and not humble waving emaciated figure, I ran up a cherish pity, heart that a indifferent often in an instant is disturbed, the mood is melancholy, tears.
"The world is not to stay, Zhu Yanci flower trees" earthly bustling smoke, like a dream. Who can retain the footsteps of years? Who can give a good time become the eternal frame? When breezes, meal fell from the world of mortals, between heaven and earth are helpless sigh. Those who stumbled through the way of life, experienced groundless talk, seem to hammer into a tough character and never yield in spite of reverses, know ye, the depths of the soul has not being even himself could not find.
Perhaps, habits become natural, as early as in the imperceptibly like here, although can't bear to watch it increasingly bleak picture, but just to taste it brings joys joys and sorrows.
After the autumn wind howling, and see the snow all over the sky dance. Twilight snow lotus, although already was not to hear the gurgling water sound, can not see the Yan wear willow shade and shadow, full of pure more ethereal beauty, make people indulge in pleasures without stop.
Look, the coldest frost, hanging head, the mirror image of Han tang. The snow lotus like a glance, primary care, and as the charge off misty. Xu Buyuan to review, the snow lotus like stripe clothing white woman, Dimei smiling, in snow and ice as the mirror to indulge in self-admiration charming grace, quiet elegant, drag in one eye, one eye, will make you drunk heart, move feeling. In the pure world, it is not close to the high hearted. Under these circumstances, the mind suddenly flashed the song "Bu operator" Su Shi: "moon hung Shu Tung, drain off people quiet early. Who sees a hermit pacing up and down alone? A misty shadow. Startled, he turns his head. With a grief none behold. Looking all over, he wont perch on branches dead. But on the Lonely Sandbank cold. Sigh, this famous poems, contain what extraordinary high love ya Zhi beauty feel helpless, also hidden in how long red!
If I were you people drink bottles, when the snow, listening to the heart lotus, lotus lotus in long rhyme for what go where, get back to lotus lotus lotus root soul, rooted in his soft heart, then bloomed lotus. However, I am not you people, but also alone exchanges, not easy walking pace, wandering in the lonely night Han Tang, with lotus listen winter rhyme, tears in the cold face wanton flows. Zi Chan, if you in this emptiness, exit, will be free and easy to sing more elegant wonderful verse and spread so far, then, I in such a night, with quiet Lian Yun will repeatedly say you bold poem, to give myself a win more face the life of calm.
There are young propagandists, who solution florid? A fleeting, prosperous as powder. Human feeling is like running water, flowers and tender.
How many Dan ink stained green,
How many music on.
Who will the cloud?
A smile two silent.