Nothing better, chat with classmates in the University, wig online shopthe university that he died a college students: a girl because of brokenhearted empress want, should choose the Dutch act from a 10 story building jump. A young life so withered, it was deplorable.

In fact, in my opinion, her boyfriend not to her, it was her eyes out, or that her boyfriend silly; and the girls can find another boyfriend more excellent, there is no need for and against themselves, or even lost their lives. If the girl to the spirit of not afraid dead on their study, grief as a driving force, to improve their grades, wait for the research on the University's own candidates, have a more bright future, it is certainly not the lack of a good boyfriend; perhaps, her ex boyfriend also thick want to cry and shed bitter tears, to eat "back" -- this is the real good girls do choose. But she's dead, nothing.

However, in today's society, like the above mentioned in the Dutch act like girls, too many people do not know how to cherish their own lives. You know, to the birth of a life, is not easy: need a mother bear bitter hardships in nearly ten months, in need of family ten months meticulous care, need to let a mother bear body would bear the pain, life can be born in the world! Life be not easily won, so, there is no reason for anyone not cherish own life.

In my opinion, Dutch act is a kind of weak selection, is a sign of weakness, is an extremely selfish behavior. Want to know: in this world, a person may have no brothers or sisters, may not have a wife and children, can not have colleagues and friends, but not without their parents. Whole body, by one's parents! If a man die, but death is to die, then his parents how to do? Not to let the bear bitter hardships to raise their own adult parents to bear white hair black haired man who sent the pain? If so,led spot light that this only shows that he is a very selfish person. If the person wants to die and really smooth and clean to die, it is even; if he attempted because Dutch act, but his whole become disabled or even a vegetable, it would not have let his parents to take care of him for the rest of your life?

Life is composed of many obstacles, we only have the courage to face these Kan Kan to move in order to cross. No matter what difficulties we encountered, should not do things to family hardly wished to live. His death is really easy, but are likely to care for their loved ones leave endless pain. A man should have the bear, will have a sense of responsibility. Life can't always be everything is going smoothly., but we shall live strong, smile to the life of groundless talk, just like the TV play "soldier assault" inside the promise said: "live, to do meaningful things".